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Planning for Company Growth

Growth Plans Essential for Owner Exit Strategies

A merger, acquisition or another profitable business exit strategy is possible when a company plans for it over a long period of time. We know from venture capital associates as well as from our own personal experience that planning for an exit must include planning for the company's growth.

J Tarpoff Growth Plans

  • Identify exactly what you do different from the competition
  • Identify exactly what you do the same as the competition
  • Develop effective and dynamic marketing plans
  • Develop products and services your customers want enabling you to make and hold sales
  • Assemble a line-up of products and services that are truly superior to those of the competition
  • Identify companies in which your products and services are a good fit for a possible sale
  • Place a management team capable of formulating the dynamic elements of growth plans and having the ability to execute the elements
  • Exercise tight finanial control over the business and maintaining it's financial health

Growth planning is a rigorous continual process. Leave it to chance and inertia and you'll have a business no one wants. Assemble an advisory growth team to work continuously on business growth and you'll be ready to exit when the time's right.

As a confidential outside advisor we:

  • Form the plan and all the elements within a dynamic framework allowing for changes in time
  • Bring our experience and analytical ability to opinion what works
  • Work on individual elements of the plan
  • Work toward forming a team of experts for other portions of the plan



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