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Engineering Analysis and Numerical Modeling

J Tarpoff Utilizes Knowledge, Experience and Developed Skills For Successful Analyses and Solutions
Core competencies reside in mechanical engineering analysis, design, testing and troubleshooting. From fluids and heat transfer to structural stress and dynamics, the company analyzes, solves and makes improvements to technology throughout all lifecycle stages, from the drawing board, laboratory, and prototype to production equipment. Electrical, chemical, civil, nuclear and manufacturing engineering disciplines are utilized as needed for a complete solution.
Stress Static, dynamic (vibration), deformation, linear, nonlinear
  materials: alloys, composites, ceramics, organics
  mediums: structures, piping, tanks, pressure vessels, machine components
Failure Elastic, non-elastic, fatigue
  materials: alloys, composites
  mediums: structures, piping, welds, machine components
Thermal Conduction, convection, radiant
  materials: alloys, ceramics organics
  mediums: structures, components, liquids, gases
Fluids Pressure, flow rates
  materials: organic, inorganic, inert, non-inert
  mediums: liquids, gases
Motion Machine element motions
  materials: alloys, ceramics, organics
  elements: cams, cranks, gears, slides
Process Manufacturing processes of all types
Simulations processes: fluid, crystallization, solidification, product flow and conveyance
  elements: thermal layers, mixing, discreet/pocketed motion
Noise Measurement, control, standards
  materials: alloys, liquids, composites, organics
  elements: electrical, structural, liquid
Facilities Energy conservation, energy audits, equipment cooling, HVAC with climate and dust control, filtration systems
  types: warehouses, plants, laboratories
  elements: electrical, heating, air, water
Safety Operator safety, exposure limits
  exposures: machines, dust, chemicals, overhead hazards
  elements: governmental codes and standards, industry standards, best practices
General Research Preliminary feasibility research, what-if research, alternate material studies, general technical questions, cost control options
  types: government regulations, investigations into failures
  elements: reports, library searches, simple mock-ups, preliminary analyses
FE Nastran, ANSYS, and other specialized third party finite element modelers and solvers
  codes: commercial codes
FD Finite difference modeler and solver for design of networks for compressible and non-compressible fluids
  codes: commercial
Special Programs In-house numerical routines for flow, heat transfer, stress analysis, and other engineering applications
  codes: FORTRAN, Basic, VB, C
Hand Calcs For small jobs and verification of results from software
  references: published tables, formulas
Testing Empirical results for validation of theories and calculations
  equipment: DAQ, sensors to measure force, stress, pressure, flow, temperature
Statistics Compilation and analysis of events and parameters as inputs to simulation programs and to verify results from simulations and testing
  codes: stat::fit, minitab, excel


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