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Manufacturing Engineering

J Tarpoff Has Expertise in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
Troubleshooting techniques are based on engineering knowledge, machine behaviors, and statistics. When analysis and testing is needed, we make this clear and lay out the plan to solve the problem. Often, we have no specific knowedge of your equipment, however, we have been exposed to enough variations on equipment and systems to know where to start and how to apply engineering principles, physics, testing techniques, and modeling to derive solutions and designs for machine and process improvements.
System Determine all failure modes
Efficiencies Rank failure modes for prioritizing improvements
  Determine interactions between failure modes through discrete event simulations and process modeling
  Set capabilities and targets
  Run optimizer to find best process setup
System Root cause analysis from first principles
Improvements    Testing to characterize process failures
  De-couple failure modes
  Optimize operating points (centerlines)
  Procedures for conducting future centerline audits
  Conduct reliability comparisons between existing and new parts
  Adjust maintenance schedules
  Redesign portions of equipment
  Adjust operating procedures
  Adjust maintenance procedures
  De-bottlenecking and throughput control
  Surge control and optimization
  Line speed adjustment and synchronization
  Automation enhancements
  Design for failure event recording
  Design for machine improvements
  Design for fluid system improvements
  Design for heat transfer improvements
System Simulation modeling of proposals
Planning Flow planning and bottleneck identification
  Line speed planning
  Equipment selection
  Vendor and installer selection
  Set acceptance criteria and testing plans for purchased equipment
  Supervise and troubleshoot problems during installation
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