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Facilities and Tools

J Tarpoff Has Ample Space and Equipment to Perform Your Technical Work


  • 1500 sq ft office and lab space
  • professional staff of two employees
  • extensive library and reference materials
  • testing, measurement and data acquisition equipment
  • software tools for a broad array of projects


Software and Hardware Platforms are Selected for Your Application or Provided By Request


  • CAD software - AutoCad2000, Inventor, Unigraphics, Solid Works, others by request
  • FEA software - Nastran, ANSYS, LISA, others by request
  • THERMAL/FLUIDS software - SINDA / FLUENT, WinTherm, others for piping analysis
  • DYNAMIC SIMULATION software - Working Model, Watt, Matlab, others by request
  • PROCESS SIMULATION software - Extend, AutoMod, SIMUL8, Athena, others by request
  • STATISTICAL software - StatEase, Minitab, Excel, CrystalBall
  • ENGINEERING UTILITY software - various proprietary and commercial utility codes
  • IT UTILITY software - various for code developemnt, benchmarking, and troubleshooting
  • PROGRAMMING languages and compilers - FORTRAN, C, VC++, VB, Basic
  • TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION software - Pagemaker, Framemaker, Word, RoboHelp, others by request



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