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since 1999

Design and Drafting


Mechanical Components and
System Design
for Every Industry

Industrial equipment
Manufacturing layouts
Equipment foundations
Pressure vessels
System controls
Monitoring and data aquisition systems
Electrical cabinet layout
Cabinet cooling
Hydraulic cooling and power systems
Power transmission systems
Prime mover selection
Filtration systems
Noise control


Detailing Part details and design, fabrication specifications, dimensioning, tolerancing, geometric feature selections
  systems: components, machine systems, industrial products, piping, P&IDs, building mechanical layouts, flow networks, electrical networks
Assemblies   Layout, bill of materials, technical specifications, off-the-shelf component selections
  types: industrial, consumer
Solid Inputs to FEA models, interference checks, design verification
Modeling software: Solid Works, Inventor, others by request
Fit-ups Design verification of part details
  checks: interferences, material compatibility
Materials Selection of materials from past experience
  types: alloys, ceramics, organics
Fabrication Impact of fabrication methods on design details
Planning methods: machining, welding, molding, fastening, bonding
Design details and assembly drawings from actual mechanisms and products
  methods: measurements, materials, off-the-shelf lists, fabrication specifications
As-Builts As-built component drawings, process flow diagrams
  methods: up-dates from hand sketches and walk-downs


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