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since 1999


J Tarpoff

Innovates and Optimizes Mechanical and Related Technical Solutions for Industry and Government

Provides Outsourced and Contracted Engineering and Technology Services

Promotes a Strict Process of Research, Design, Analysis, Prototype and Test

  Engineering Analysis
Engineering Services  
  Product Design Services
  Engineering Design
  Manufacturing Engineering
  Engineering Management

External Technology Service Organizations Develop Increasingly Critical Applications for Industry and Government Every Year

Contract Engineering is Effective, Efficient and Preferred by Many US Based Companies and Government Agencies

  • Brings technical skills and critical insights that make your organization competitive
  • Provides engineering you don't have time to develop or perform
  • Attaches essential outside engineering oversight
  • Shrinks overhead costs by tightening engineering productivity measures

J Tarpoff Advantages

  • Multi-industry experience: aerospace, shipbuilding, process, power, food, electrical generation and distribution, nuclear, industrial product manufacturing and many others
  • Cross-discipline experience: mechanical, electrical, materials, chemistry, manufacturing, occupational and legal
  • Educational experience: multiple degrees, advanced coursework and continuous supplemental training
  • Management capabilities: focus on the problem, determine the solution methodology and communicate project progress
  • A drive to enforce blanketed cost control
  • Reasonable affordable rates


Analysis Stress
  Dynamic/vibratory stress & deformation analysis
  Motion studies
  Heat transfer of components & systems
  Fluids and flow networks
  Noise control
  Pressure vessel and power piping standards
Design Detailing
  Assembly layout
  Solid modeling
  Product design / Process design
  Fit-up studies
  Materials selections
Manufacturing Manufacturing system efficiency capabilities & target setting
Engineering System modeling and simulation
  Root cause analysis
  Optimization of line speeds
  Equipment centerlining
  Reliability engineering
  Maintenance planning
Management Project management
  Cost estimating
Tech Writing Operations manuals & users' guides
  Maintenance manuals
  Technical illustration and sales/marketing material
Programming  Scientific

Customer Ratings
Here are a few customer comments about the work J Tarpoff provides. See additional ratings and company affiliations, licenses and honors.

"[Their designers lead by JM Tarpoff] did a good creative idea and starting point that ultimately moved the project forward. I would use them again." —JacksonLea

"Very interactive with the project. Presented many options to accomplish the project needs. Very personal approach." We were also told: "Your rates are very actually listened and understood our project was an easy decision to go with you" —Inland Paperboard and Packaging



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