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since 1999

About Us

J Tarpoff Corp was organized in 2008 (formally Tarpoff Moore Engineering, Inc. since 1999) to conduct contract engineering services for small, medium and large cap businesses needing intermittent technical expertise. The company knows the methods of mechanical engineering and associated engineering disciplines well having worked for a combined 40 years in industries ranging from defense and aircraft engines to food and consumer products, designing, analyzing and testing simple to complex components, systems and processes.

Where The Company Is Today
J Tarpoff has a strong work-ethic that insists on excellence. The principals are experienced in providing engineerin services to local, regional and national customers. Continued growth is expected as the economy stabilizes and a recovery accelerates. The technical staff is educated, experienced, creative and motivated to develop and implement new technologies for the future.

J Tarpoff works hard at maintaining cutting-edge knowledge. We actively participate in organizations, training and teaching, certification programs and licensure boards. Details can be found at Affiliations and Licenses.

Pledge to Service Excellence
The company pledges to satisfy commitments to our customers and to do so ethically in all ways. Our Guarantees on Results and Quality Standards are a demonstration of our strength and commitment to excellence in service.




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