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Management Technical Advisory Services

Technical Advice to Analyze and Advance Business Management
Logical, Analytical and Common Sense Approaches Benefit Technical Business Operations

Any company, large or small, will benefit from outside technical expertise.

  • Venture Capital and Investment Banks
  • Owners and Managers seeking investment capital
  • Companies seeking technology transfer help
  • Companies experiencing slow or negligible growth
  • Companies in well-established industries needing to reduce costs
  • Companies of less than 25 employees trying to add new product lines
  • Companies merging and/or acquiring other businesses
  • Owners seeking business exit strategies and sale-of-business plans

State-of-the-art growth comes from assembling a group of outsiders offering advice.

A company can accomplish this in two ways: through a corporate board of directors and through outside technologists held on retainer. Company managers need a constant supply of ideas and outside performance feedback. By choosing to retain outsiders, who have observed and worked in other firms, markets and technologies, management can supplement their knowledge and idea stream. It works. Private investment capital investors insist on it for the companies in which they invest. Every company should be utilizing these and other cross-pollination and cross-breeding techniques. A few hundred dollars a month or a small equivalent quarterly retainer fee is an ideal starting point for obtaining outside experience.

J Tarpoff Corp owner JM Tarpoff, has 21years of experience in defense, information technology, industrial products, and consumer products businesses. As an astute observer of technology, past experiences, trends, stimulus and results, and as a champion of creative ideas, constant evaluation of change, consultation with others and of constant testing for market solutions, J Tarpoff brings distinct value to regional businesses open to improvement.


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