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Advantages J Tarpoff Offers Over The Competition

Engineering and Technology Competence
J Tarpoff engineers and technologists are knowledgeable and logical. The company has a no-nonsense philosophy of staying focused on getting the job done and creating value for customers. As such we accept only assignments we understand...regardless of complexity...and the company has a success rate to prove it.

Technical Understanding of Position Requirements
Sales and recruiting personnel have technical backgrounds and can understand customer demands. The company has the ability to interpret requirements and to fit the right knowledge and skills to the assignment.

J Tarpoff is known for fairness, truthfulness, and competence; our strongest intangible assets. If you're tired of sales people talking "a line", then you're ready for a change. The company always provides the best advice regardless of the situation and what the customer wants to hear.

Drive to Ensure Customer Savings
Value engineering begins with a focus on cost savings and efficiency. J Tarpoff strives to create value for customers wherever and whenever possible.


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